Chewpod energy gum single pack
Chewpod energy gum single pack
Chewpod Energy gum
Chewpod energy gum
Chewpod energy gum 10 packs
Chewpod energy gum 10 packs

Chewpod Énergie

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Oui, une gomme qui vous donne de l'énergie, c'est vrai!

Chewpod est une gomme à base de caféine contenant une technologie brevetée. Elle contient un mélange d'ingrédients naturels, y compris la caféine, qui sont absorbés par les glandes de votre bouche ce qui permet de voir les effets plus rapidement qu'un café ou une boisson énergisante. Bref, Chewpod est conçu pour vous garder éveillé et vous donner de l'énergie lorsque vous en avez le plus besoin.


Customer Reviews

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Terry McNeil
Excellent Caffeine Source For Someone Who Cannot Drink Coffee

Due to health issues I am unable to drink coffee (sad panda). I was thrilled when my daughter introduced me to chewpods.
I can now get my caffeine rush by chewing gum without the stomach issues coffee gives me. :)

Taste good without the negative side effects of energy drinks !

Chewpod energy is my secret weapon. I take two Energy chewpod before doing any activity. When I play hockey, I take them before the game but when I'm out there backcountry skiing for the entire day, I can take chewpod up to 2-3 times a day, every 2 hours ! I love the taste of the product and the effect, with no crash.

Super efficace, une gomme suffit

Ça m’aide à me tenir éveillé et me donne l’énergie dont j’ai besoin l’après-midi. Une gomme suffit.

I found this gave me a boost of energy, ...

I found this gave me a boost of energy, but I don't usually drink coffee or eat things high incaffeine. The flavor is a bit bitter, and the gum is a bit chalky, but was worth it for the boostin energy I received :)

Kamden Mclean
Fun, but niche

First, they taste fine, which is unusual, because caffeine is very bitter. I find them convenient to carry around, they're cheaper than an energy drink, and you don't get that sloshing in your stomach, nor the excess sugar. The dosage per piece is pretty small, but that allows you to really dial in how much you get. I like it enough that I'll keep using it until they're gone, but they're not a cost effective option, as every pro is emulated by caffeine pills, which are a fraction of the cost.If you really need to dial in your dose by 50 mg increments, you've got some money to burn, and energy drinks don't do it for you, these are a great option. You get a ton of them when you order.For the rest of us? Just get a pack of 100 caffeine pills for like 10 bucks, the dosage is higher and they're way cheaper.