We all live crazy unique lifestyles, but we all have one thing in common: wanting to make the best of ourselves and the lives we live. It's for this simple reason that we created Chewpod. We wanted people to simply be able to do more in their lives. 

Family owned

As a family owned business from Quebec city, Canada, we are very proud to be able to say that we can make a difference in people's lives. 

The story started when a business man and a scientist met up to create the ideal product to help us achieve our goals of being our best selves: an energy gum. What better idea than the energy to get through each and every day? An healthy alternative to energy drinks, that tastes good, gives you the same energy as a cup of coffee, and all of that, at your fingertips! No matter your lifestyle, whether you are an athlete, a parent, a student, a gamer, an adrenaline junky, or simply need extra energy to get those groceries done, Chewpod will be at your side, ready for you. We created a right-hand man to keep you energized through anything!  

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Chewpod energy gum single pack
Chewpod Energy gum
Chewpod energy gum
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Chewpod energy gum 10 packs

Chewpod Energy Gum

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Introducing Chewpod Energy Gum - the future of energy boosts. Gone are the days of waiting for your coffee to brew or energy drink to kick in. Our energy gum delivers a rapid caffeine boost, equivalent to a cup of coffee, in just minutes. With a refreshing cool mint taste, it not only energizes you but also freshens your breath. Whether you're gearing up for a workout, battling the afternoon slump, or embarking on a long drive, our energy gum is your perfect companion. Made with top-notch ingredients and a commitment to quality, you can chew with confidence.






FAST ENERGY BOOST | Life is unpredictable, but your energy levels don't have to be. Our gum is your trusty sidekick, ready to give you a boost whenever you need it, be it during a workout, a long drive, or a demanding day at work.

ALWAYS READY | Never be without energy again. Our compact packaging ensures you have a pocket-sized companion ready to give you a boost during workouts, long drives, late-night study sessions, or unexpected slumps

HEALTH CONSCIOUS | Embrace a guilt-free energy boost with Chewpod—proudly vegan and gluten-free. At just 5 calories per serving, it's a light yet potent blend of caffeine, taurine, and essential vitamins B5 & B6, designed to invigorate your senses while aligning with your dietary preferences.

FRESH MINT | Energy is vital, but so is confidence. Our gum not only boosts your energy levels but also ensures your breath is fresh, giving you the confidence to face any situation head-on.


Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Hugo Larose
Bon produit!

Bon produit très efficace! Moins efficace si alcool consommé!

Noah Sweeney
Great product! Very good for a quick energy boost!!

I started using Chewpods 2 years ago and the best times I have noticed that they work the best are mid-day when you are feeling tired, doing any type of physical sport or when studying.

dan pilet

Good service ,Full satisfaction

Francis Haley
Great product - I use it daily

I use this gum almost daily as a little boost around mid-day and it never fails to do the trick. Whether I'm fighting an energy slump at work or getting ready for an activity, I hits the spot just right!

My work and study helper

With the quick release of caffeine I personally only need one and i'm good to go, plus there's no gitters involved. I usually use it to give me a kick start when i go to work or for studying and it's PERFECT:) I definitely recommend you try it!